Houston Cricket League
inputting runs,extras

How to input normal Runs?

  1. Select any run  from table and click on ‘OK’

How to input Extras?

  1. Select any type of extra and click ‘OK’ (Bye or Wide or Legbye or No ball)

  2. Select any type of extra and and run then hit ‘OK’.(b+1, b+2 or No+1)

  3. Extras with out (RO+1+wd) (RO+Nb+2)

  4. To score 2 legbyes, lb+1(Here legbye itself counted as one and 1 run is added so total 2runs added to final scores) same for byes also.

  5. Mixed extras like, Nb+b+1(Here Noball and 2 byes).


Scoring extras with runs :