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Who manages USA Cricket?

USA Cricket association (USACA) is the recognized associate member of Internation Cricket Council (ICC). USACA organizes various regional tournament for Men, Women, Under-19 boys, Under-15 boys etc thoughout the year. Based on the performances on these tournaments Players will be picked for National teams. You can find more information at USACA

A complete history of cricket in USA would require a detailed analysis and extensive research in order to accurately identify and provide information regarding the start of the game in USA. Some reports indicate that cricket was started in the American Colonies sometime around 1737 and teams were comprised of officers of the British Army and persons who migrated from England as planters and Barons.

Cricket continued to be played until the American Revolution (1775-1783) which involved 13 British Colonies in North America and their parent country, Great Britain. The American Revolution created some friction with all things British and at the end of the Revolution; cricket which was starting to thrive in certain parts of USA was literally abandoned.

Cricket was partially revived after the American Revolution and the annual Canada vs. USA cricket match which was played in 1840 attracted a crowd of 10,000 spectators. The game of cricket declined in USA during the 20th century since in the late 1800s it remained an amateur elite sport while England and Australia were developing professional systems that allowed compensation to players who participated on a full-time basis.

An Englishman W.P. Pickering initiated discussions for the visit of an English cricket team to USA in 1856; however, financial problems postponed the tour for three years. Mr. Pickering who was captain of the cricket team at Eaton College (England) in 1837 and 1838 immigrated to Canada in 1852 and played for Canada against USA the following year. Plans were finalised for the English cricket team to tour North America in 1859, the first ever overseas tour by an English team.

The English team required a guarantee payment of £750 for the tour and Mr. Pickering secured the amount through the Montreal Cricket Club. The English team comprised six members from the All-England XI and six members from the United All-England XI and Fred Lillywhite as scorer. The twelve players included George Parr as captain and were effectively the best players from the professional ranks during the 1859 English cricket season which had just ended.

The English team played five matches and there were excellent crowds for the first three matches until the weather (in mid-October) turned very cold and attendance at the last two matches was reduced. The general growth of cricket in USA after the pioneering tour by the English team in 1859 was stymied due to the US Civil War which started in 1861, only 18 months after the tour was completed. The enthusiasm for cricket faded during the war and troops from both sides adopted the embryonic game of baseball and when English teams resumed tours to USA in 1868, the task to rekindle the enthusiasm in cricket was great while baseball became a serious rival. International cricket tours to USA established the game as a popular sport in Philadelphia and several

English and Australian cricket teams visited the city to play matches and during 1884, a team from Philadelphia visited England to play a series of matches. Cricket was/is played by students attending universities and colleges, primarily by students from cricket playing countries. USA was admitted as an Associate Member of International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1965 and participated in the first ICC Trophy Tournament in 1979.

USACA is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Executive Secretary and Treasurer, along with a Regional Representative from each of the eight regions who all sit on the Executive Board of USACA as directors. The Regional Representatives serve as liaisons between the regions and the national Board of Directors, helping to ensure policy execution and serving as a conduit for national development initiatives and tournaments.

Each USACA region is managed by a Regional Administration comprising that region’s League Presidents and four Members-at-Large. The administration which is headed by an elected Regional Director, Secretary and Treasurer, also includes a Youth Cricket coordinator and a Women’s Cricket coordinator.

Domestic Competition
Players from member clubs play in the various league tournaments in the eight regions across USA. The regions also organise inter-league tournaments which are utilized primarily as the basis to identify players for selection to represent their respective regions in the annual national tournament, as well as for selection to the national squads. Regions also organise Under-19 competitions based on geographic areas and the Under-19 players play as combined teams in the respective league competitions. The annual national tournament is played at the Under-15, Under-19 and senior levels with a Final Four Super League played at both the Under-19 and senior levels.

International Competition
USA after its admission as an Associate Member of ICC participated in ICC Trophy Tournaments and ICC Americas Region Tournaments after the formation of the Americas Region which was charged with development of cricket in the Americas. USA also participated in the ICC Six Nations Tournaments in UAE in 2004 and the ICC Champions Trophy in England. It also failed to progress from the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 5 in 2008.

Development Program
A national development program was established during 2005/2006 and the program was temporarily suspended due to some internal and governance issues and the suspension of USA by ICC. In the interim, coaching programs are conducted by the respective regions for youth players and at the various cricket academies that have been established and catering to the various age groups up to the Under-19 level.

A national Five-Year Development Program is currently in place and covers several initiatives involving all of the regions and approved by the ICC Americas Development Office. The program is funded in part by the ICC and the solicitation of national sponsors and fund-raising events. An annual youth tournament is played in California and the tournament involves players at the Under-11, Under-13 and Under-15 levels and registration is open to teams from member clubs, leagues or regions that could field eligible players.

The Ed Ahmad NY Caribbean Cup which is a replica of the former WICB Red Strip Bowl tournament is played among teams in the New York metropolitan area and includes past and current players from the Caribbean and Asia who have played at the regional and international levels. USACA, in an effort to ensure that current and future players at the national level are playing with and among caliber players, has entered a Developmental XI team in the tournament, in the recent past.

The New York Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) introduced cricket into the high schools for the first time in 2008, with the assistance of USACA and that program is now in its second year with 23 high schools actively participating.

Women’s Cricket Integration
Women’s cricket is at its primary stages in USA. A program to recruit and train women for a two-team tournament in the NY metropolitan area was started in 2005/06 and abandoned due to the lack of sufficient players and adequate funding. Currently there is a significant drive to establish women’s cricket initiatives across the USA, and recently a Regional Conference tournament was held in Florida, with the Eastern Conference XI emerging champions. That tournament served as the platform for the selection of an American Women’s XI to compete in the 2009 ICC Americas Women’s Tournament in Lauderhill, Florida. There are plans to establish a women’s league between the New York and Atlantic regions in 2009.

Other Information
The ICC partnership with UNAIDS and UNICEF was supported with a visit to New York and Southeast Regions by Mr. Michael Holding. Mr. Holding visited three schools in New York City (NYC) during normal school hours and conducted a rally and spoke to students about cricket and the United Nations program.  In 2009, USACA hired its first Chief Executive Officer Mr. Don Lockerbie and established an office in Miami Beach, Florida