Houston Cricket League
What is the procedure to reserve HCL Grounds for non-HCL games?

Please follow the steps below to reserve HCL Grounds at Katy Paul Rushing Park:

  1. Open up the following website link http://www.houstoncricket.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=71
  2. Login at the link found on that web page. If you do not have login setup, please register yourself and wait for HCL to enable the reservation access.
  3. Enter reservation request for the available ground(s)
  4. HCL will contact you to understand the park usage and inform you about park rules & the Ground Contribution fees*
  5. HCL will confirm the reservation after the Ground Contribution fees received

* Ground contribution fees will be set by HCL every year for all cricket activities at Paul Rushing Park. These contributions will be managed to improve & maintain the ground.